Offshore, Islands, and Mako Shark

Full Day Charters

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Catalina and san clemente island

Chase Yellowtail

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Capt. Mason Stoller

Mako Shark on the Fly

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1/2 day charters - 6pm to 11pm

Nightime Bass

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Chasing Dreams

44.2lbs Pacific Bluefin Tuna

Early season Makos 2019

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First Mako of the Season!

Big Longfin Mako from July

Capt. Mason Stoller

Sharing knowledge and making memories...

Learn about our local Southern California saltwater species, their habitats, behaviors, and prey. Receive casting tips for these big saltwater rods, heavy grain fly lines, and weighted flies.  Implement new fly fishing techniques to your game from the strip set to rigging saltwater leaders and properly fighting big game fish.

Catalina Island - 3/4 day

Year round.  Excellent Calico bass and Pacific Bonito fishing year round with our primary target being the California Yellowtail!  Yellowtail average 5-12lbs with trophies upward of 25 and 30lbs landed on the fly.

San Clemente Island - Full day + extra fuel

Peak season May thru October. More remote, rugged and less pressured fishery than Catalina. Excellent opportunities at larger grade Calico Bass and Yellowtail. Higher volume of pelagics around on kelps and off the island.

Mako Shark Trips - 3/4 day

Peak season June to August.  Specialty trips targeting Makos on the fly.  These sharks average 80-250lbs but can reach upwards of 1,000lbs.  

Offshore - Full day

Peak season July to October.  Primary targets are Yellowfin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, and Dorado.  This style fishing varies from bird schools and openwater stops on chum, to kelp paddies and ridgelines near the islands.

Calico Bass - Half Day (Night or Daytime)

Great local Calico fishing year round with some of the best opportunities happening at night.  Short runs and high quantity bass bites are the norm.

Redington Predator Fly Rods Mako Shark

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Big Bluefin on Conventional: Your boat or mine!