The SIMPLE Do-It-Yourself Stripping Bucket

Stripping Buckets online average $180-240 

Do-it-yourself stripping bucket??

JUST $60!

budget bucket making

This is the same liner that guys have posted on about but the links below are updated and active as of 01/12/2019. It's been great to me and they'll work fine for boats and SUPs too.  With all of the expenses running and maintaining a boat, anything you can build or DIY is a major help.

Material List:
  • Rubbermaid 3550 Round Liner
  • Auto Trim - self adhesive
  • Dremel or similar cutting wheel too

Rubbermaid 3550 Liner

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        Create a template by using leftover materials like cardboard boxes, plastic, or just paper.
        I made this cut-out about 10" from the top of the can and cut the hole to almost half the width of the liner.
        Template DIY Stripping Bucket
        Make a small template or hand draw the oval shape for the back handle.
        Rounded corners are easier for applying the auto trim - a square cut handle is brutal for bending the trim and keeping it clean looking!
        bucket handle cutout
        The Dremel is my favorite tool for such tasks and will make quick work of the liner plastic. A steady hand and a bit of patience will make a nicer looking bucket.
        dremel rigid liner
        dremel handle cutout
        Now clean up the cutouts a bit with a wet cloth and remove excess shavings. Apply the auto trim - this stuff is pretty intense so try to plan and apply it properly the first lay down.
        auto trim for bucket edge
        I usually start in the middle half of the bucket to apply the trim.
        apply trim
        Some guys like to add plastic hoops or small plastic cones to the bottom to help separate the line.
        I always keep around 3" of water in the bucket to keep the running line wet and help reduce tangles while shooting loops!
        finished DIY stripping buckets fly fishing
        Just add stickers!!
        do-it-yourself stripping bucket guide fly fish boat