Kevin Keller Big Yellowtail Catalina Island Pacific Charters

3/4 Day Catalina Island

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5 am to 1 pm

2 anglers only

3/4 day of fly fishing at Catalina Island - Fishing structure around the island with 8 to 12 weight rods in search of big game.  Depending on the time of the season, we may be fishing very tight and slow or throwing poppers to fish crashing on the surface.

Gear: 8 to 12 weight rods with 300+ yards of backing.  Fast sinking lines, 400 to 800 grains most commonly used. 

Fishes well year-round conditions permitting.

December to March: Winter season brings cooler waters and less options for yellowtail.  Excellent time for Calico Bass around structure.

April to June: Larger numbers of white sea bass, yellowtail, barracuda, and bonito start showing at the island.  Water temps start settling in and more shots at fish higher in the water column.

July to October: Peak season, warming water temps and shots at large, boiling, fish on the surface.  Big schools of yellowtail, bonito, and barracuda start smashing bait fish throughout the island.  Offshore options showing with possible tuna, yellowtail and dorado on kelps within range.