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Full Day Offshore

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5am to 3pm

These last few El Nino years have produced phenomenal opportunities offshore in the Southern California bight. GIANT Bluefin Tuna have been ravaging masses of anchovies on the outer banks.  Yellowfin tuna, Dorado and Yellowtail have been holding on kelps in the southern zones.  Striped Marlin were here in astounding numbers, holding offshore and tight to the islands.

The primary target for fly fisherman are yellowfin tuna, dorado and yellowtail.  Sometimes its long drifts off kelps and other times you are running hard chasing bird schools and foamers.

Season: July to November 

Gear: 10 to 14 wt with 300+ yards of backing.  Moderate to Fast sinking lines, best setups to cast big flies and into the wind if need be.

Bring your own food and drinks.

Reach out by email or phone for details depending on seasonal conditions and opportunities.