1/2 Day Nighttime Bass

1/2 Day Nighttime Bass

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6pm to 11pm 

2 anglers only

Chase Calico and Barred Sand Bass at night throughout L.A. Harbor.  These grumpy, pissed off saltwater bass lurk in the industrial, rocky, landscapes of Long Beach and will on average weigh a few lbs with rare monsters getting to double digits.  We will fish a large variety of structure with heavy fly lines and all sorts of flies from crab patterns to large bait fish.   These bass will ruthlessly CRUSH a fly and make you use all of the 20lb tippet to stop them from getting to structure.

Truly a unique, urban fly fishing experience!

Gear: 8 to 12 wt rods with lines up to 750 grains for maximum depth in strong currents and surf.